Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Doxie of My Heart by Jaye Lewis

Good-night sweet prince, my little man;
With muzzle now so gray;
I see you racing down the hill
Just like a pup at play.

With every leap your faithful heart
Fills mine with terrible fear.
I know the days are growing short,
And soon you’ll not be here.

You are my little troubadour.
You are my shining knight.
Ferociously you keep your watch
Just aching for a fight.

More than rubies is your worth,
More than silver or gold.
I wouldn’t trade the world for you,
So brave you are, and bold.

Ah, sweet prince, I love you so,
I doubt I can live without you.
When your heart forgets to beat,
I’ll tell stories all about you.

Yet, I’ll go on without your love,
So funny and so wise.
The sweet devotion in your heart,
Shines deep within your eyes.

Has it really been so long,
Since we first fell in love?
A tiny puppy in my hand
Was sent by God above?

I sob my grief before its time
I cannot let you go.
I raise my voice to heaven and ask
Why this must be so.

Good night sweet prince, my little lord,
Doxie of my heart.
I’ll treasure every day with you,
Until we two must part.

© Jaye Lewis, May 1, 2010

Happy Thirteenth Birthday Happy Dog, My Sweet and Loving Prince!!

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