Thursday, March 24, 2011

Encouraging Words in Times of Trouble by Jaye Lewis

Hello friends,

It is difficult to look at our world, in these later days without a sense of apprehension, fear, and sorrow, even when our personal lives are filled with comfort and peace. We are, after all, brothers and sisters on this earth. Apart from God and His grace, we are all we have. When tragedy strikes others, no matter where, we all feel it. We are the human race, and in spite of catastrophic events, I believe that God is with each of us every step of the way.

I have experienced hunger, beatings, abandonment, and the betrayal of family and false friends, but God has gotten me through. He rescued me, and He has given me a good life, with a kind and loving husband, with two devoted daughters, and the home I never thought that I'd ever have. On the other hand, I have been to God, a false friend who blamed Him for every sorrow. I have abandoned Him, and I have spit in His face, more than once. But through all of that, He has loved me, kept me safe, always been here for me, and my one true friend.

God does not demand perfection, because, well, we're just not perfect. Not even close. He wants nothing from us except our love. Our prayers are the music of His heart. Our obedience is a sweet treasure to Him. When we reach out, He is already there, the perfect Father, the warm arms that hold us close. I have felt those arms encircle me, and I have felt His love filling me. And that, my friends, is what keeps me going back, no matter how far I stray.

He is the peace, in the midst of turmoil, and He is our victory within our defeat. Oh, please, no matter your trouble or sorrow, do not give up on Him, for He will carry you through. I pray for His presence in every aspect of your life. I pray that you will expect Him to be there, and that you will ask Him to give you the victory over your troubles.

Oh please, do not give up. Do not believe that you are alone. For He is closer than your own heartbeat. He has said that He will never forget you, even should your mother forget you. He says, that we are carved on the palms of his hands.

I have walked the weary road of life, with misfortunes every step of the way. I have sought the wisdom of the world, and I have found none. I have sought peace from within and without, and I have found nothing. With every beat of my heart I have searched for meaning in my life, and I have come up empty. The only peace, and wisdom, and meaning in my life, I have found on my knees, at the foot of the Cross of Jesus.

It is true that there are other doctrines, and other faiths, but I cannot speak for them. I can only speak the truth of my own life, my own journey, and it is at the foot of the Cross that my life began to change. Christ is my way. He is my truth. He is my light and my life. And He is my victory.

The Eye of the Storm
Words and Music by Jaye Lewis

Keep me, oh Lord, in the eye of the storm,
Where my heart can beat without fear.
In the silence so deep;
In the warmth of Your love;
I know that Your presence is near.

For though it is dark, and the silence so still,
Your Light still illumines the place.
You are with me, oh Lord;
You surround me with hope;
In the dark I can still see Your face.

In the eye of the storm,
I can hear with my heart;
The beautiful tones of Your voice;
And though I may dread,
The destruction I hear,
In my soul, I still can rejoice.

They surround me, oh Lord, with their visions of hate;
I can see that they've singled out me!
With my hand tucked in yours;
And my hope in Your love,
I know that I truly am free!

So, I wait on the storm, with a joy in my heart,
A gift that I know comes from You.
So, how can I fear? I am safe in Your arms!
In the eye of the storm, You are here!

© Jaye Lewis, 1999

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thank You for the Sunset by Jaye Lewis

Hello friends,

Every once and awhile, I share a poem with you, that I have written. I would like to share more, because each poem illustrates my relationship with God. He is our Father, after all, and He listens to our prayers. While He doesn't grant our every wish, He loves our prayers. He loves to hear from us, because the desires of our hearts are music to God's ears.

Thank You for the Sunset by Jaye Lewis

Thank You, God, for the sunset
And for the end of day;
When the rosy sky above me
Simply takes my breath away.

Thank You for the mountains
Which fill my every view;
Reminding me of the joy I feel,
When I spend the day with You.

Thank You, God, for the grace You give
Which fills me with delight;
From the early morning sunrise,
And through the darkest night.

Forgive me, Lord, for my faithless heart,
When my soul is filled with grief,
When my body simply fails me
And I pray for swift relief.

It’s hard to face the daylight,
When a soul is wracked with pain.
Yet I cannot resist Your love
So I return again.

Lord, I am blessed with children
And a husband filled with grace.
I can see the love they feel for me,
When I look upon each face.

I wonder why the loneliness
As I struggle through each day?
I pray that You will come to me
And take my pain away.

These are the questions that I have
As I talk to You within;
Yet I am grateful for Your love
Which forgives my every sin.

I pray for those who read this,
For I know their struggle too.
May they be blessed with sweet desire
To spend the day with You.

© Jaye Lewis, February 2010
With love,
Jaye Lewis

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