Saturday, May 12, 2007

A Time for Self-Reflection

Hello friends,

I have a friend in India, who writes me from time to time. She is bright, self-disclosing, and very kind. She, like I am, is a Christian, but oh the difference I find in my Indian brothers and sisters, than in my American brothers and sisters. When India has a call to prayer it is a powerful thing. They call for a transformation of the human spirit, while my American brothers and sisters often have a call for a larger gymnasium or a new wing to the Church. In fact, lets forget the wing. Why not simply build a bigger building, or raise a larger Cross? I do see an immersion in my country in material things, and, sadly, the American Church does not see how much they worship prosperity and pleasure.

Jesus said, "a time is coming when the true worshipers will worship the Father in Spirit and in Truth." I wonder what He thinks about America when He looks upon us? I doubt that He is amused or impressed.

Tomorrow is Mother's Day in America. My family will be spoiling me much more than I deserve. It is a very joyous time. How wonderful to be appreciated and celebrated. May I remember, as I accept the beautiful love of my family, that God gave me their love. May I remember the Mothers who will suffer, without celebration. Those who weep, undeserved, and those who are truly alone, may I celebrate them in my heart.

Come, Lord Jesus! While I am unworthy, I am believing, and I am surely ready.

With love,

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