Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Celebrating the End and the Beginning by Jaye Lewis

Hello friends,

This has been a heart-breaking year for many of us. People from all walks of life have lost jobs, homes, and life savings, all because of greed and lack of oversight. We have seen, yet, another year of bloodshed on the battlefields of two wars. I cannot help but ask myself, will we ever see the end? Even those of us who have a steady income, find ourselves afraid of the future. Will the ax fall upon our hopes and dreams? Will our financial problems ease? Will we live months and months, perhaps years, constantly holding our breaths.

Finding answers at the end of a year such as this, is not easy. Is there evidence that things will change for the better? Will our financial systems finally have oversight? Who decided that it was okay to allow so much wealth to be governed by the incompetent and the greedy? What in the world was our government thinking?! Without answerability, it is as though we simply open the bank doors, and allow the robbers in. It’s just plain stupid!!! So, how can we have hope for the future?

Well, we have a new beginning. We have a new President, a new Congress, a new Senate, and a new year, all rolled into one. For some this new administration is downright scary. President Obama seems exotic and strange. However, I have grown to realize just how much he loves this country and just how much he cares about my children’s future. My prayer for this new President is this: that God will bless him with wisdom and humility. My prayer for this Country is that we will give our new Administration a chance, even as each of us wants a chance, for ourselves and our children.

So, this next year is full of promise and trepidation. We are about to enter the center of a storm of change. Pray that each of us will meet our Maker in the eye of the storm, and cling to Him.

The Eye of the Storm

Words and Music by Jaye Lewis

Keep me, oh Lord, in the eye of the storm,
Where my heart can beat without fear.
In the silence so deep;
In the warmth of Your love;
I know that Your presence is near.

For though it is dark, and the silence so still,
Your Light still illumines the place.
You are with me, oh Lord;
You surround me with hope;
In the dark I can still see Your face.

In the eye of the storm, I can hear with my heart;
The beautiful tones of Your voice;
And though I may dread,
The destruction I hear,
In my soul, I still can rejoice.

They surround me, oh Lord, with their visions of hate;
I can see that they've singled out me!
With my hand tucked in yours;
And my hope in Your love,
I know that I truly am free!

So, I wait on the storm, with a joy in my heart
-- A gift that I know comes from You --
So, how can I fear?
I am safe in Your arms!
In the eye of the storm, You are here!

© Jaye Lewis, 1999

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