Thursday, January 14, 2010

In God's Eyes by Jaye Lewis

God is so big. No one escapes His notice. Not the poorest of the poor. Nor the richest of the rich. Not those in power. Not those with no power. He is in the darkest dungeons. He is in the chambers of death. He is on the battle field, and in the hospitals where the wounded are often pitifully cared for. He weeps over the graves of the fallen, and He never forgets the evil-doer. God cannot abide those who whisper secrets that only He can hear. Those who plot. Those who plan. Everyone is within His sight.

God loves the humble, and He despises the proud. He comforts the broken-hearted. He’s not as interested in confession, as He is moved by the one who hates his own sin. What must He think of the one who boasts of His sin? I would not want to be in that person’s shoes on the day of judgment. I think, maybe, God is displeased with many organized religions of today, no matter their creed. Instead of arrogance behind closed doors, God wants the human heart that is open to Him.

Jesus said, “A time is coming, and has already come, when the true worshippers will worship the Father in spirit and in truth.” I hope that I stand among them. I love God. I’ve loved Him my entire life. I’m not talking about something unseemly. I am talking about being so lit on fire, that it can be read in my eyes and goes straight into my heart. Passionate love requires nothing of another. It simply is.

I see God in everything. In the sunrise and sunset. In the brilliant colors of the birds who crowd my feeders. In the look of trust that I see in my little dogs’ eyes. I can hear God’s pleasure in the purring of my little cat, who knows I will not sleep until I know that she is comfortable. I see God in my husband’s eyes, which light up in a special way that he has only for me. I see Him in the devotion of my daughters, who take care of me, as I used to take care of them.

God’s eyes watch over me and my family. He watches over the little birds that I care for. My pets are under His watchful care. And, my friends, He has His eyes on you. He knows your heart, your thoughts and your dreams, and He cares. He listens to your prayers, and you do pray, even if you do not acknowledge Him.

Have you ever known a contented atheist? Have you ever seen their contented smiles? Me neither, and I have known many. They can’t stop talking about God. They say He doesn’t exist, yet I can see the hatred in their eyes. How is it that someone can hate what they do not believe in? That’s a puzzle to me. I feel sorry for them.

God’s eyes look upon me, and I can feel His love. When I sin, I can feel His hurt. It breaks my heart, when I break His. He thinks I’m funny. I’m quite certain that He laughs at my sense of the ludicrous. I think He created that in me quite deliberately. Certainly Jesus loved a play on words. Didn’t He say, don’t start picking the speck out of your neighbor’s eye, until you’ve removed the board from your own? Now that’s ludicrous!

I love God’s heart. I can imagine the time He took with creation. He saw that it was good. St. Paul said that all creation awaits the coming of Jesus, and the regeneration of all things. The little birds, my pets, and all growing things, are all innocent of sin. They are in bondage for our sins. This little dog, who lies at my feet, is innocent, more than I could possibly be.

So, now you know, with all my faults and imperfections, I have a heart for God. He fills my universe. When I look at any living thing, I see His work, and I see the love in His eyes. He is my first love. He has filled my life with so much love. My husband. My children. My pets. And all things beautiful, that only He could make. God’s eyes. They are beautiful. And in His eyes, so are we.

With love,
Jaye Lewis

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