Monday, November 22, 2010

Doorway of Heaven by Jaye Lewis

I've been to the doorway of heaven,
Where the sky is a lavender blue,
Where brilliant light surrounded me,
And the warmth of kindness too.

I have seen the people gathered,
Worshiping the King.
Then I heard the angel whisper,
“This is where you enter in.”

He held my hand so gently,
I could barely feel his touch.
In spite of my sins he led me
To the King I love so much.

As we walked into the throne room,
The crowd parted in the mist,
Slowly he led me onward
To the feet I longed to kiss.

Kneeling down before Him
The King smiled as He looked down.
Then gathering us in His loving arms,
I could hear His heartbeat sound.

Like lightening He struck my heart!
Don’t stop! Please give me more!
Then all at once I hurtled back
To the life I’d known before!

“No-o-o-o-o!” I screamed. “Don’t leave me!”
“Please bring me back again!”
But over it was, and He left me
Sobbing out my pain.

It’s hard for me to understand
Why God blessed me in this way.
Perhaps it was because He knew
I’d tell you all today:

He’s alive! He’s real! He loves you!
He wants to bring you home;
To heal each lonely, broken heart,
And leave you not alone.

My words are so inadequate
To tell you what transpired,
And how I felt when lightening
Set my heart on fire.

Please think about the moment
When your soul and body part.
Don’t leave your future all to chance.
Please give Him now your heart.

© Jaye Lewis, November 22, 2010

My friends,

This is a true event that I can't explain. I'm not holy, nor am I more than a sinful woman who happened to be blessed in an extraordinary way. This experience took place thirty-five years ago, when my youngest child was born. I planned never to share this outside my immediate family; however I feel called to share this with you, right now.

On Thanksgiving Day, it will have been a month since my husband's heart attack. Thank God he survived and is doing well. So, I thought, maybe you should know, that God is real. That there is hope. Heaven is a real place where God wants us to be, with Him. If you don't know Him, I hope you seek Him. It's not hard. He'll show you the way. God bless and keep you. I will hold you in my heart.

With love and a Blessed Thanksgiving Day,
Jaye Lewis

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