Thursday, November 10, 2011

Encouraging Words on Veterans' Day: A Prayer for Peace by Jaye Lewis

Hello friends,

On this eve of Veterans' Day, 2011, I was just thinking.  The child of another mother's heart is fighting over in a strange land, for people who hate us, and everything they think we stand for.  At the Thanksgiving meal in 2001, a boy or a girl, eight or nine years old, was starry eyed thinking of future Christmas joys, although we were a country in mourning.  They were children, after all, and children are God's messengers of hope for a better tomorrow.

Today, many of those same children are languishing in military hospitals, or lying in well kept cemeteries, and all their mother's hopes are dashed.  Others are still fighting overseas, while mothers, fathers, wives, husbands, sweethearts, sons and daughters wait, praying that they will come home from their fifth tour, safe and sound.  And then they pray that they will be home for good.

As a Veteran, my heart swells with pride, but as a mother, I weep.  I shed tears as I did when my children were at death's door.  I pray, as I prayed for them, as I prayed for my husband when he was out to sea.  I weep for the mothers.  I weep for all those who will not see another Thanksgiving.  I weep for those who will be at the Thanksgiving table, only to return to duty and fight another day.  I weep, and I pray that these awful wars will end, and each mother's child will come home safe and sound.

God help us!  What are we doing over there?!  If that thought doesn't make you shudder, because you have not walked the floor in agony, waiting for that next phone call to let you know that your son or daughter is alive and well, then take a look.  We live in a precarious world.  None of us are truly safe, except by the grace of God.

So, now I ask you, no matter your situation, no matter where your children are, stop now, and pray for their safety.  Pray for them, for yourself, and for the mothers who are waiting for this world at war to be at peace.  Pray for peace and safety, this night and tomorrow, and may God bring us all a lasting peace, for only He can.

Between Here and Forever  by Jaye Lewis

Somewhere between here and forever
Is a place called “hello” and “good-bye.”
My hope dwells somewhere between them
As I brush the tears from my eye.

“Hello, what a pleasure to meet you.”
“Good-bye, I will miss you, my friend.”
My heart breaks with every occurrence.
It always feels like the end.

I am certain, however, that life goes on,
From friendship to friendship, it’s true;
But I carry the memories in my heart
Of all of my moments with you.

You were there from the very beginning.
You were there when I needed you most.
You stayed by my side, just so faithful,
Never leaving your sacred post.

We have been through so much together.
You would never have left my side;
Except that God had to call you away,
My heartbreak has nowhere to hide.

I’m certain I’ll love you forever,
And no one can take your place.
I can never forget all the joy we shared,
And that look on your laughing face.

The distance between “hello" and "good-by,”
Was only a heartbeat or two,
And nothing on earth will make me forget
The love in my heart, for you.

I sat coldly when they told me.
I wanted to keep you, and then,
I remembered your peerless devotion,
So I had to release you from pain.

Good-bye my friend and companion.
I will treasure the moments we’ve shared,
And I’ll know that my last decision
Was the proof that I truly cared.

I’ll see you somewhere in forever,
And I’ll bring a present or two,
Just as I did for you here on earth,
To show my love for you.

© Jaye Lewis, 2005

With love,
Jaye Lewis

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