Monday, December 04, 2006

A Time for Change

Hello Friends,

I had hoped to have more than one post to my blog; however I've had a rough week. I'm 60, and I'm telling you, I don't look a day over 59! This past week, however, I've felt pretty old. I have a lot of health issues, but this week topped the charts for me. I'm doing much better, and I'm thinking about how I should spend the last weeks of this year.

At 60, is there really room for change? I mean aren't I "set in my ways?" Haven't I given enough? Haven't I earned the right to remain exactly as I am? These are all questions that many of us have, mainly because change is hard. Change takes me out of my comfort zone. It makes me feel weird. Is there anything I need to change? You bet there is.

I've yelled at God too much, like He doesn't have to put up with me already. Due to a recent bout with pain, I haven't gotten as much out of my Bible studies. No, I don't belong to a group. I like to study on my own. It is said that the best tool for studying the Bible, IS the Bible itself. A good reference Bible with all the relating Scriptures can give the student a wonderful perspective. I find one thing so remarkable about the Bible. No matter how many years I find myself immersed in the Word of God, it's always new. It changes me every single time.

I need to be more faithful in my walk with God on my treadmill. I've been doing this for nearly 3 years, but I've not been as faithful, lately. That time with God every day has changed my life. What a blessing it has been for me. It's kept me walking. It's kept me talking to God. And I believe that is what will give me a longer life. However, even if God takes me today, I will not have lost anything, by spending that time with Him.

In the last weeks of this year, I also want to focus on my family and my dogs. Oh yes, we have dogs, four of them. But the dog of my life is the dog in my pictures. That's my Happy Dog. He will soon be 9 years old. He has been my faithful companion for almost a decade. He's my little boy. I think that I have yelled too much lately. I want to put a stop to that.

It is not necessary to plan a large change at the end of the year, and it is not necessary to be eclectic and whimsical. It's okay, and more effective, to just be real. Okay, so I've lost my grip. That doesn't make me a failure. That just makes me human. I can begin again; and I can step forward in renewal, with a song in my heart. I can admit that I've missed the mark, and I can take a straighter aim.

Whatever change you want to make, think of the end of the year as a new beginning, a time for reflection, and a time to focus on the important things in life. Don't make yourself crazy at Christmas. It doesn't have to be perfect. Take a breather. Take a walk. Place your hand in the hand of God, and He will get you through.

Much love from,
Jaye Lewis

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