Tuesday, January 23, 2007

A Time to Heal

Hello Friends,

Recently I have thought much about healing. Where does it rest? Where does it lie? In the heart? In the body? In the soul?

There are those who will insist that if we have enough money, then we will be healed. There are also those who will say, "If you send me your money, then God will heal you." There are other conditions and programs that a host of people will tell you will heal you. The five steps...the seven steps...the ten steps. Listen to me! Follow my advice! Have enough faith in God! Have enough faith in me! The cacophony of noise is endless, like walking through the Midway at the fair. Look at me! Follow me! Hear me!

I think that healing is somewhere else. I believe that healing is in the heart of God. His love. His strength. Not my own. His hand holding mine. So little I am, without any power of my own. That is where I find my strength. That is where I find my healing.

God pulls me out of the waters, and I can feel the solid rock beneath my feet. I may still stumble. I may be poor and needy. I may be wracked with disease. My body may be crippled, but that is just for the blink of an eye that is my time upon this earth. I am healed when I am totally dependent upon Him...helpless, afraid, and wondering why. I am safe now, in His sheltering arms.

With love,
Jaye Lewis

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