Thursday, February 08, 2007

A Time for Silence

Hello Friends,

Silence. That peaceful feeling in the dark watches of the night. That is when I feel God's closeness the most. I can feel the excitement as I realize I can say anything to my Maker, and He will understand. Anything. I tell Him about my disappointments of the day, or my life, and I share with Him my joys. How sweet was the smile of my husband, right before he drifted off to sleep. The delight in the eyes of my daughters as I have yet one more story or article published. Every smile; every delight meant for me. Themselves forgotten. Just my happiness in their eyes. These are eternal gifts, given to me by God. As my eyes close, and I finally drift off to sleep, I know that I am a blessed woman.

So, this is what I give to each of them, the gift of silence, when my aches and pains have troubled me all day. The gift of laughter, instead of tears. A smile, instead of a frown. Not something fake, but something that comes from deep within my soul. First the action, and then the feeling follows.

The gift of silence I give to my God. So that I can listen. So that I can understand. So that I can follow, and bless Him for His blessings. Here Lord. Here is my heart. Here is my ear, so that in listening, I may truly hear. Thank you for every blessed thing in my life.

With love,

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