Friday, September 28, 2007

A Time to Be Thankful for the Manna

Hello friends,

Probably the most difficult problem that I have spiritually is to surrender my will to God's. With financial and medical needs, and the price of gasoline in the U.S., I have my list of needs, along with my list of wants:

"I'd really like to have this today, Lord."

"Could you please hold back the flood, just this once, and I'll surrender tomorrow?"

I am signed up for every online catalogue that holds my every desire: gardening, clothing, furniture, and things to buy to spoil my dog. If it is for someone else, I'll spend every penny I have. When it comes to myself, I'm cheap. My family keeps careful watch, so that I don't buy the dress for $9.99 that looks like a Halloween costume. Somehow, I find it within myself to declare, "but I really DO love orange, purple and black polka-dots!"

"No you don't, Mom."

"No. I really do love it."

"No you don't, Dear."

"But it's only $9.99!"

Then pandemonium sets in.

"Quick, hide the check book!"

"Cancel the credit cards!"

"Don't let her near the phone!"

This is a closer truth than you could possibly imagine. I'm beyond thrifty. Way past frugal. If it's for me, and it's mismatched, purple and green, and ONLY $9.99, I'm standing in line. "It looks warm." So are Army fatigues. "It's colorful." So are lollipops. But you wouldn't lick them and stick them all over your body and call it a dress! But it's so CHEAP! Uh-huh.

Then, there are my larger dreams: the cyclone fencing for my acre and a half yard; hardwood floors; a four season sun room; Anderson windows; sky-lights; and someone to clean my bathrooms and those nifty hardwood floors. Like everyone else, I have wants that I keep translating into "gotta have" needs. Please, God, give me the surplus, and I'll never ask for another thing. Until next time. Often I see that in myself, and I don't like it.

You see, I do know that there are other real needs to pray for. Please, Lord, heal my friend's cancer. Watch over my children and husband. Lord, make me more like You. And then there is the "thank You, Lord." For Your hand of protection, for Your hand of favor; no matter the tribulation, thank You for carrying me through. And so much more.

Thank You. For the birds that come to my feeders, depending on me to give them food and drink. For the elegantly lovely sunrise, and the beauty of the mountains. For the love that I see in my husband's eyes. For the beauty and devotion of my children. For my darling, dapper dachshund. For the adorable creatures You have put in my care, who give me so much joy. For laughter that makes my sides ache. For peace in my home. Protection from storms. Surprise snow showers. And let me not forget, thank You, Lord, for Your provision every day. THANK YOU, GOD, FOR YOUR MANNA!

Manna. That bread from heaven; for food and drink; for each day's gift. Thank You for each day's needs. Thank You, Lord, for MANNA.

With love,


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