Monday, July 14, 2008

A Time for Clearheadedness

Hello friends,

Do you ever feel as though the world is going insane around you? Yeah. Me too. Right and wrong has been eliminated; whereas expediency is now a profound virtue. Expediency: self-serving, self-seeking, conniving, calculating, thinking only of oneself. This is now a virtue? It's okay to cheat when it serves your purpose? And, my word, "TV Hell" has become the thief of inner peace! You know what I'm talking about - the not really reality TV? I believe it is a reflection not of what we have become (or at least I hope not), but it is a reflection of what we allow. Then, there is politics...American politics.

America is suffering from, what we call, an election year. It's kind of like the year of blowing smoke. Politicians say anything to get elected, and then they do little or nothing. But the lunacy does not stop with the politicians. It also rests in the hearts of the voters, many of whom (and I say this without rancor) seem to be out of their minds!

Americans are, by nature, centrists. Usually, if one is a Democrat, one leans a little to the left. Liberal. Those who are Republican, usually lean a bit toward the right. Conservative. Liberal does not mean unpatriotic, and Conservative does not mean salvation. In the middle are Independents, the sort of live and let live voters. Independents swing elections.

In our present election for President of the United States, we have John McCain and Barack Obama. Barack Obama is not a demon, and John McCain is not the answer to our prayers. Barack Obama is a Christian. He has won me over on that. It is obvious, not in his speeches, but in the way he answers questions about his faith in Christ. I was amazed. He is so comfortable in his expression of his faith...thoughtful, and to tell you the truth, with awe and reverence.

Faith is not where you park your body on Sunday morning. It is an expression of where your heart is. Now, I disagree with many of Barack's more left-leaning opinions, but he has made it clear to me that he loves our country more than he would love the power of the Presidency.

Obama was naive in the beginning, and I was fervently for Hillary Clinton. I was offended by the way she was treated, but I was proud of her honor in defeat. Since then, I've seen a change in Obama, a deeper humility that just may be the mark of an outstanding President.

McCain is not the man he was in 2000. Maybe he never was. He has totally disappointed me. He loves to drop insulting remarks, parading as humor. On a personal level, I don't like people who make insulting remarks and call it humor. It's fine for smoke filled rooms, but not in the Presidency. There is something unlikeable about him these days.

There are only two choices for President. McCain or Obama. Obama's campaign with Hillary Clinton served him well. There's nothing like feeling humble to change a heart. Some-where in the midst of the Primary Election, Obama had a heart change. He's suffered shock and loss. I think he's learned. And I believe the greatest gifts a President can give to his country is humility and the desire for change.

So, in spite of myself, Obama has won me over with style and grace. I'm certain that he loves his country as much as I do. I don't know if I care to sit across the table from him and share an arugula salad and latte. Who thought that one up? Some reporter, no doubt. I don't want a coffee buddy; I want a President who loves his country more than he loves the power it gives him.

So, I'm looking closely at this election. I watch everything about the election on T.V. I believe that the world is watching too. I'm amazed at the argument as to who is actually qualified to be President. No one is "qualified" to be President. It is strictly a "place your hand in the hand of God" endeavor. I just pray that God will truly be with us, and that He will choose the best man.

Lord, we have asked for the President whom we need, rather than the President that we deserve. Have mercy on us, please. This is a journey we are taking together, a journey that fills our hearts with much trepidation. Please take our hand, Lord. Remember that we are in the midst of a tempest. The sea, Lord, is so big, and our ship is so small. Have mercy.

With love,
Jaye Lewis

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