Friday, February 20, 2009

Feeding Hearts and Little Souls

Hello friends,

When the economy begins to recover and jobs within the green industry become prevalent, I’m hoping that more jobs will come to our community. They are desperately needed. Even though our family is well taken care of, our house payment has nearly doubled; the price of food has gone up nearly 300%, and I wonder, why are we so blessed? We are mere souls on a journey, hoping to make a difference in others lives. For reasons known only to God, we are blessed with a comfortable income. We’re able to care for and even spoil our four dogs. No one goes hungry. We pay our bills. We have a very loving, safe home.

Not so, for many of our neighbors. So how do we bless them? We live in a county, in our State of Virginia, that is unique. A relationship between churches, sheriff, and other resources, most people are provided for. However, no provision has been made for people’s pets. Therefore, our local animal shelter is handing out food − not to feed people − but to feed those little souls who bless our lives – their pets.

Who can forget Hurricane Katrina, and the horrible loss of life. Yet, those who survived had to experience another horror, abandoning their pets in order to be rescued. Many people refused to abandon those little souls who loved them so unconditionally. As a result, people died along with their pets. These events will haunt our family forever.

Not this time. Our family has adopted our animal shelter’s passion to save the pets who enrich all of our lives. How can we not? How can I tuck in my little souls; how can I carefully portion their food; how can I snuggle up at night with my faithful companion, and not care about those who must abandon their pets, because they cannot afford to feed them? So, I urge those who love animals, and can afford to, to call or visit your animal shelter, and find out how you can help.

I cannot not forget that God led the animals to Adam, to see what he (Adam) would name them. After the flood, God made six covenants with the animals, as well as mankind, that he would never destroy the earth with a flood. Can I ignore the One who said our Father in Heaven knows the tiniest sparrow, and not do what I can?

For those who see this as caring for animals above humans, I cannot help but wonder if they have ever held a dog and prayed for it to be made well. So, you might say that we are feeding the hearts of those who love their pets, as well as feeding the little souls who make our lives rich. So, my friends, if this is an attractive way of giving to your neighbors, your SPCA or shelter would be the place to help you get started.

Father in heaven, may we ever be mindful that your eye is on the sparrow; that you see to the needs of the birds of the air. You, dear Jesus, referred to “the little dogs” beneath the Master’s table. My Lord and my God, You created this earth, and everything that is in it, and you placed it in our care. Help us to be mindful of that as we seek to assist our neighbors, as we are able. And, Father, thank you for our little dogs, our great big dog, and our lonesome kitty. For they give us unconditional love that we seldom deserve.

With love,
Jaye Lewis

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