Saturday, December 24, 2011

Miracle in a Manger by Jaye Lewis

Hello friends,

Christmas is for children.  Children of all ages.  Everyone who is a child at heart.  So let us not forget the child who started it all.  A little boy, moments old, filled the world with hope and love.  I cannot tell the story better than the Gospel of Luke, in the Bible, but I can give you a peek into my heart at Christmas.  I see four dogs, keeping their watch by night, peeking into a manger where the Son of God and Savior of the World lies sleeping.  I see a night where I would have wanted to be, should I have lived then, just me and my dogs, in a manger.

Miracle in a Manger  by Jaye Lewis

Miracle in a manger
On a midnight clear,
Singing filled the universe
From angels far and near.

Shepherds heard the story
Marveling at the words;
Making haste to see the King
They left their grazing herds.

On the climb up to the manger
Deep within a darkened cave,
They could hear the shushing voices
Telling animals to behave.

And then the shepherds saw the cave
Send forth a golden glow.
The light spilled down the mountainside
And filled the valley below.

Stars that twinkled in the night
Shouted out with silent joy.
To celebrate the miracle
Of Mary’s baby boy.

Around the tiny manger
The animals stood in awe,
And something deep within them
Made them celebrate what they saw.

The ox began it’s lowing
As Donkey began to bray.
“Shout out all you creatures!
Christ is born for us this day.”

Then other creatures, great and small,
Moved forth to take a peep
As Mary held her little one,
Who lay there fast asleep.

Mini-dachshund gazed in wonder,
As mini-schnauzer smiled;
Shepherd dog and Pomeranian
Beheld the little child.

“Rejoice!” Sang angel voices.
“Behold a marvelous thing!
In Bethlehem of David
Is born our Christ the King!”

© Jaye Lewis, December, 2011


With love,
Jaye Lewis

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