Monday, April 23, 2007

A Time to Dance

Hello friends,

When tragedy strikes, all seems lost. Immersed in the grief, terrified to allow my children out of my sight, no matter their ages, I often forget to look about me and see the real joys in my life. So here, I'd like to celebrate a few with you.

Early each day my husband awakens me with a tender touch. I have early medications to take, but his smile and his gentle ways make me feel young and full of life. While I am rubbing the sand out of my eyes and counting my pills, he brings me a mug of coffee. That first sip is the best of the day. It's just us. For a moment the world is full of joy, just to be awake and together.

In a few minutes, our daughters may be up, and they wish us a good-morning. They pile on the bed, with cups in hand, and it is then just the four of us. We lift our cups into the air, and we clink, "Tink! I love everyone in this room!" We say. And we mean it.

Everything that happens after that moment is blessed by that love. Joy. Sorrow. Triumph and tragedy. Nothing will have been wasted, because we took that moment to say, "This is our day. This is our time. This is our love. This is our time to dance.

What tomorrow will bring, I cannot know; and sometimes the not knowing is worst of all. But for today, at this moment, I cannot help but thank God for giving us our time to dance.

With love,

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