Tuesday, April 03, 2007

A Time to Rest

Hello friends,

Today my walk on my treadmill lasted a full minute and a half. You see, I fell yesterday, while racing behind my Happy Dog, who was hot on a trail. Yes, weenie dogs are trackers, and their noses always rule. I twisted my ankle and pulled muscles that I didn't know I had. Louie, my husband, said, "you'll be resting tomorrow." Like the stubborn nearly 61 year old that I am, I assured him, "oh, I think I'll be all right."

Well, the spasms in my foot, my hip, and my back, after a minute and a half on my treadmill, said, "oh no you're not!" So here I am, talking to you, and admitting to you, "oh no I'm not." I could swear that ten years ago, maybe fifteen, I could bounce back in a night, but no more. That extra eighteen pounds that I gained with my new medication will just have to wait, and I will rest.

It's occurred to me that God wants us to rest. To rest and to think. To realize what we have. In my case, my vanity is involved, and since I'm using the inspiration of Ecclesiastes to write my blog, let me not forget that the second line of Ecclesiastes tells me, "All is vanity." Okay, Lord, I'm listening. Help me to make it through the day. Help me to look into my mirror and see myself as my husband does, a fresh, pretty, lovely woman, inside and out. But most of all, let me see myself as you do, and may I ever see what I hope to see...You in me.

With love,

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