Monday, March 26, 2007

A Time for Thanksgiving

Hello friends,

I'm writing to you from my laptop in my bedroom today, instead of my office. Instead of being in my lap or on my shoulder, Happy Dog is in his crate. He is not pleased; so I have chilled the room down and turned on his electric blanket. There is nothing a "weenie dog" loves more than warmth. You see, we almost lost Happy this week-end. He had a normal procedure, just the removal of some cysts -- a little slip of the scalpel and a few stitches. On the way home he started bleeding -- drip, drip, drip, and he soaked through my clothes. We did an immediate turn around, and, thankfully, the best emergency vet in the world was on duty. Thank God, Happy is recovering, my clothes are in the trash, and I have my weenie dog to annoy and delight me for a long, long time.

One of my reasons for sharing this is to remind you that a dog's blood loss is a very urgent emergency. Especially for small dogs, but also for large dogs. A pint from us is easy to share, but a pint from them can mean the death of a dog. For Happy, just a few more tablespoons and I would have lost him. No more warm body stealing my space on the bed; no more ice-cube nose thrust into the small of my back; no more sharp kicks telling me to move over; no more funny tricks as we play dodge-ball with a slipper; and no more face turned up to mine, just to let me know I am his world. With every drip, drip, drip, it felt as though my life was pouring out, along with Happy's.

Today, Happy is recovering under his super dog pressure bandage, that looks like a bright blue and white T-shirt. He is not allowed to play or run around. That is for another day, when we will once again resume our merry chase.

So I thank God for the precious instinct that He gave me, to see the unusual and to act immediately; for a vet who knew what to do; but most of all for the charm, laughter, and mischief that is Happy Dog. Thank you Lord, for his life!

With love,


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