Saturday, March 17, 2007

A Time of Threshing

Hello friends,
This is just a tiny note, which is unusual for me.  I wanted to share something with you.
The Bible tells me that at the end of the world, my Savior will come and "thresh" the nations.  Oh, I know that there are people who don't believe that, but I do.  What that means, exactly, is debatable even within the Christian community.
So I looked up the word "thresh," and I found that it means "to beat the stems and husks of grain or cereal plants."  It's how we get oatmeal, and the first step in getting flour for bread.  In order to get these precious foods, they must first be beaten from the stalk.  It is a necessary part of the life process.  It is also a necessary part of our lives.
I hate being threshed.  I hate the feeling of being beaten, but how wonderful is the feeling when I overcome.  We have all been beaten in some way.  We are all being threshed.  Even though I love the outcome, gosh, I hate the journey.
Friday a wonderful woman visited my website and blog, and she sent to me an Indian proverb:
"We have a saying in India that in order for henna to show her true colours, she has to be totally crushed before her true beautiful colour appears.  That is you."
I was so deeply touched that I was overcome with tears.  I cannot thank her enough.  So, it occurred to me, perhaps the threshing is not so bad if something beautiful comes of it.
Oh Lord my God, please carry us through the days of threshing, and bring us into the light of Your beauty.  Give us the strength as you carry us through.
May you have a wonderful week-end, my friends.  Take heart.  You are not alone, nor am I.
With love,

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