Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A Time for Reflection

Hello friends,

Yesterday, one of my stories, "Real Hero," was published again on HeartTouchers.com It is about my encounter, during the Vietnam War, with a wounded Marine officer. I was an active duty WAVE in the U.S. Navy, stationed at the Military Information Booth in San Francisco International Airport. I was there for one reason, to assist active duty G.I.s and their families. To me, it was a calling from God, and I think I would have laid down my life for them. I didn't have to. They laid down their lives for me.

I've received many emails in the last couple of days, calling me a hero. I can assure you, I was not. I did, however, have an extremely defined sense of honor. To serve, in my small way, and to defend each G.I. who was in my care was an honor.

Audie Murphy, the most decorated soldier of World War II, defined courage as action over fear. Without thinking about the present danger, you act. If your defined values are already set, you will simply do what you should; but it doesn't make you a better person than anyone else.

When I was young, and I guess, even now, I was rash and impulsive. When outraged, I simply acted. I don't know why, and often my decisions were foolish or dangerous. Of course, at 61, I don't go saving the world that much. A light-hearted run, can send me cascading down the hill, rolling in the pine needles. Now I pray.

I want to share with you, the honor code, that I try to live by:

Always tell the truth, even, and perhaps most especially, when it hurts. Be kind, when you can. Truth does not mean harming another. Truth must be wrapped in gentleness. Do not back down when you know you are right. At the same time, when it is not for a righteous cause, or if it's none of your business, hold your peace. Never let a day go by that you miss telling your loved ones just how much you love them. Forgive, when possible. Wish no harm upon the one who has hurt you, when making amends is NOT possible. Smile and laugh until you can't breathe or until you wet your pants. It will make you feel good. Cry, when you need to, but don't throw your own pity party. No one wants to come.

Grit your teeth in the face of adversity, and believe that God will deliver you, or give you the strength to endure. Read the Bible every day. Never compromise your honor, or God's. Pray that you never have absolute power. You will never own it. It will always own you. Recognize the evil in those who have power. Don't hold on to your ideal of them. They will only let you down. Most important of all, be brutally honest with yourself.

Do not long for riches, because riches will bury you. In time, you will not even know who you are. And, when the road gets weary, as it will, and stumbling blocks are before you every step of the way, surrender and let God carry you.

In Jesus name, I pray that this is the best week of your life; and if it turns out to be the worst, try to remember what He suffered for you. These are the things I hope for. These are the ideals I aspire to. These are the ways in which I often fail. I'm human. I fail, a lot.

Just for today,
The only person I will 'rescue' is myself.
I will not try to 'save the world,' just for today.

Just for today,
I will feel peace;
Knowing that there is Someone greater than I
To deal with my problems.

Just for today,
I will allow God to be God.
I will be His reflection.
I will not try to create Him, in my image.

Just for today,
I will cease to block His love,
And I will allow the passion within me,
To embrace the lover of my soul.

Just for today,
I will ask God to forgive me.
Just for today, I will let Him.

Excerpt from "Just for Today"
Copyright Jaye Lewis, 1993

With love,
Jaye Lewis

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