Monday, November 19, 2007

A Time for Worship

Hello friends,

I just got off of my treadmill. I was on there for less than 15 minutes. Getting back into worship walk, after so many failures, is not easy; but I am determined this time, to get back up to a mile a day, even if I have to do it in stages.

Which brings me to a rather funny encounter in one of my doctor's offices. His nursing assistant, a much younger woman, and by the size of her and her muscle tone, it was obvious that she was a runner, decided to give me advice on my exercise program. Now, I have serious arthritis, fibromyalgia, and a neurological condition. And I am nearly 62 years old!!! That's what we had been talking about. When I told her that I walked a mile a day, and that I was controlling my diabetes with diet and exercise, she immediately launched into unsolicited exercise advice.

"You need to POWER walk 3 miles!" She exclaimed. Well, unsolicited exercise advice always irritates me.

"No," I explained, "It's really important that I be able to get up there every day. So, I'll just be plugging along at my own pace, thank you."

"No. No! No!" She insisted. "You MUST power walk! You'll lose more weight, and you'll get better, faster!

"Really," I mused, "Is that before or after my coma diet?"

"What?" She asked.

"My coma know, after I fall and break my neck, and I wind up in a coma. Is that when my exercise level will improve? Or is it merely after my broken leg is mended."

The nursing assistant gave me a confused look. Finally, I said, "I'll tell you run your way; and I'll walk mine." Then the doctor came in, and her sermon was finished.

Yes, I can make a joke out of it, now; but I remember vividly when a successful day for me, was merely getting out of bed. When a person has health issues, and has neglected to exercise, you don't recommend that he or she take up racquet ball or squash. I get so aggravated with that. No one, out of shape and very ill begins with POWER WALKING, especially 3 miles! Begin where you are, and proceed slowly. I have seen more people crippled, spending days in bed, just trying to recover from that first day of exercise, including myself. Wisdom dictates that you begin; perseverance will bring slow, but steady, progress; and it's nobody's business where you end up.

I hope you won't give up on your exercise program, and be careful of unsolicited advice. I don't know why people insist on dominating others, especially where diet and exercise programs are concerned. If it sounds like baloney, it probably is. Don't let people intimidate you. Even if you feel a need to agree, just to get them out of your face. You can always do your own thing later.

So, this morning, I wish you success; not as the world claims; but as God has proclaimed. He is not interested in how many miles we go. He is interested in us. It's not about muscle or brawn or strength. It's about our hearts. That's all that God wants from us - our hearts in tune with His.

With love,
Jaye Lewis

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