Tuesday, November 06, 2007

A Time for a Reality Check

Hello friends,

Do you ever find the world too heavy to bear? Sometimes it's financial. Sometimes it's work issues. Sometimes it is family. And sometimes it seems as though it's everything rolled into one. Are we alone in all of this? Are those who believe in a Supreme Being, simply deluding themselves? Lot's of people would say, "Yeah! What a crock! There's no one out there who cares. We're all alone, and we're going nowhere!"

So, if there is someone out there who feels so alone, that the moon has more life on it, I have not answers, but questions. And they are the same questions that I ask myself, when my prayers seem fruitless and my body tells me I'm growing old faster than I want to. So, here goes, Jaye.

Have you ever wondered:

Who paints the sunset?
Who dots the starlit night?
Who fills my heart with wonder?
Who fills my soul with light?

Who rescued me from danger,
And turned my life around?
Who gave me peace and comfort,
And showed me I am found?

Who lifts the mist of morning
And lights the break of day?
Who sends a lovely rainbow
To chase the clouds away.

I think of all these precious things
When life is killing me;
Then I'll remember Whose I am
Throughout eternity.

Copyright, Jaye Lewis, 2007

Yesterday was just such a day, filled with triumph and tragedy. Like most people, I trust my country's leaders just about as far as I can throw them. And, often, nothing pleases me more than the fact that I live in an unimportant place, and nobody knows who the heck I am. However, I do see blessings in my own life. I see that my husband is an honorable man...a man whose word is his bond...a man who is faithful to me and our children...a man who cares for those who work for him. He is a humble man, who is not afraid of getting his hands dirty, and he will never send a person to do a job, that he wouldn't do himself. It touches my heart just to know how selfless he is. And I know with all my heart, that I can trust the God who placed that giving heart within him.

My daughters light up my life. Their beauty and intelligence fill my life; and their devotion warms my soul. I am a blessed woman, and I know it.

Last night, after much prayer this past week, we had rain. The weather folk insisted last week that the drought would continue. (Isn't it wonderful how they can see into the future and make sweeping predictions that are unavoidable? NOT!) There is Another in charge, and He doesn't mind surprising those who think they know everything. We are still praying for the lower southeast, that their weather patterns will change and rain will fill their reservoirs and relieve their parched thirst.

I can't help but wonder, though, if God is trying to get our attention. In the Book of Isaiah, God warns those who have poisoned His earth, that there will be judgment. I pray every day, as we also do in family prayer, that God will have mercy on those who try to care for our planet; that He will not punish those who depend on Him for protection. I also pray that He will watch over our children. We are so dependant upon Him to care for our children in an unsafe and uncertain world.

The world is getting larger, as our minds become smaller. If we acknowledge that we are poisoning our planet, our profits will be smaller. I cannot help but remember the words of Jesus, "Thou fool! Tonight thy soul will be required of thee!" Is profit greater than truth? Is gain on this earth all we care about? Are we blind and deaf? I pray that we are not.

Yesterday, I read online about the Pharaoh, King Tutankhamen. His head was removed from his sarcophagus and it was put on display. His bare skull. This once great king. This boy-King who was buried with more gold than anyone has ever seen. His golden coffin is here on earth. His shrunken skull is still here, but where is his soul? What makes the world believe that we can amass so much wealth, at any cost, and that we won't ever suffer the consequences?

At least, these are the things that I think about, when the world seems too great to bear. I feed the birds, giving them shelter, food and water; and I try to remember that Jesus said, "You are worth more than many sparrows."

Thank You, Lord, for Your precious Word, which warns and promises. Thank You for being clear in what we should do. Thank You, Lord, for cutting through our hypocrisies, and for showing us the way on the narrow road. Help us, Lord, to be very certain, that as we place our hand in Yours, you will make our paths straight.

With love,

Jaye Lewis

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