Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A Time for Blessing

Hello friends,

I know it's unusual for me to write so frequently, but I just feel an irresistible urge to share.

Yesterday a package arrived in the mail. It was addressed from the publisher of Chicken Soup for the Soul. Three books were enclosed, an unusual event, all with the same title:

Chicken Soup for the Soul Celebrating People Who Make a Difference.

Inside this Chicken Soup book are two stories that I wrote quite a few years ago..."I'm Somebody" and "The Worth of a Soul." What is such a blessing to me, is not that I was published in a Chicken Soup book...every writer starts dancing when their story is published in this venue. The blessing for me, is that God listened. He listened to my heart. He listened to my dreams. And He listened to my stories.

When I imagine a face to face "sit-down" with God, I imagine, of course, Jesus. I can see Him across from me at a table. His elbows are on the edge, and His chin is resting on the palms of His hands. As I read my life to Him, He laughs at the funny parts, and He cries over the tender parts. He knows me...very well. He knows my traits, my fears, my sense of humor, and my urgent desires. There is nothing in my life that I don't discuss with Him. I talk to Him all day long...when I walk the dogs, when I do my chores, when I'm sick, and when I write.

I don't know how He reaches into my heart and pours onto the page, every beautiful thing I have ever experienced. He totally amazes me. I often wonder why, knowing that so many of my stories, poems, and songs will never be read or sung. Will I sing to God in heaven? Will I recite my poems to Him? Will I tell Him as I do in my heart, every day, just how much He has done for me? I'm sure I will.

So, right now, I want to bless the One who made me. I want to bless the One who places songs in my heart. I want to bless Him, because He effortlessly brings out the best in me. And I want to bless Him, especially, because I don't deserve it.

Lord, my God and Savior, thank you for making me a rich woman, not as the world reasons, nor even as some in the Church declare. I want to thank You for enough, which is better than a feast, when shared with other seeking travelers on this earth. Bless You, God. Bless You. And thank You for life in You.

With love,
Jaye Lewis

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