Tuesday, April 08, 2008

A Time to Garden

Hello friends,

It looks as though we are going to have a great spring, at least so far. Last year, we had an early flush of blooms, then a heavy freeze that lasted for over a week. All of our beautiful blooms wound up looking like the mark-down produce bin of the supermarket.

So, we do not have a great show, this spring, especially from our flowering pears. The crab apples bloom later, as do the red buds, so, if we are blessed to have milder temperatures, then the crab apples and red buds will burst into bloom very soon.

The white daffodils are just beginning to shrivel up, and the later ones, like the ones with bright orange or peach colored centers, and some late blooming fancies are still waving like flags in the garden. The roses are going to be beautiful this year, if the weather holds out.

A particular blessing is our Canadian Hemlock "live" Christmas tree, which has made it through winter, still alive. We are debating on where we should place it. The ground will need to be prepared carefully, and it will need the soil to remain loose and moist.

We also have 5 Thuja Green Giants, which will be planted in a kind of copse, so that the birds and we will all be able to enjoy the fast growing beauty of this evergreen tree. We have other evergreens, which we have potted, and it was worth their lives (really) just to make it through the winter.

Every spring I go through this...a kind of hopeful renewal of life. It invigorates me, and now that my new medications have made it possible for me to take part, I feel almost reborn.

So, I was wondering how I might encourage a renewal of my spirit? Have I allowed God to enter my life and sweep out the old cobwebs of my former thoughts, allowing real truth to be ushered in? This is something for me to take before Him, with humility, because I think that may be part of my present struggle with life as it is, as opposed to what I wish it were.

I do struggle against much of our present existence. As I get older, I have begun to realize that those who are supposed to care, don't. And the truth is being reinvented every day. What if God gave us what we deserve? Do you think that we could stand that? I don't think that we would like it. We can be thankful that God rewards our efforts, even if we fail, like a missionary who has not a single convert, after years of service. God rewards the service, not the result.

This is a good thing for me to think about, as I do my best to not be a part of the problem. I may not be able to fix things, but I know who can. I can only wonder what His solution will be.

Father in heaven, please forgive us for the things we fail to do, that we should do; and forgive us most of all for the things we do, which we should not have done.

With love,
Jaye Lewis

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