Wednesday, April 02, 2008

A Time for Giving Your Heart a Vacation

Hello friends,

Today is truly spring in the southern Appalachians. My garden is abundant with blooms. The daffodils are nodding their heads in vibrant colors of yellow and white. An early tulip is just beginning to burst forth. There are six surprises, six daffodil blooms of deep orange centers surrounded by yellow petals. The fancy “daffs” are celebrating their waving yellow petals, by raising their heads proudly above crocuses of deep purple, white, and gold. This is just the beginning. Soon my redbuds will be dressed in glorious shades of purple and pink. The crabapples will catch on fire, and take my breath away. Then, my ‘Malus’ crabapple will break open its ruffles of luscious pink. My Knock-Out roses will not be far behind, blooming red and blushing pink. There will be more roses this year, and I can’t wait to choose them and place them into the ground.

The sun is higher in the sky, and the dim light of winter is fading. I was raised in the Sunshine State of Florida, so I am affected with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) during the winter months. By the end of winter I am wandering the house at night, my body clock longing for sunshine and light. So, now is the time for giving my heart a vacation.

I will watch the glorious sunset from beginning to end. I will arise with the sun in the mountains, where morning begins with a fairy mist and ends with the rosy dawn. I will talk to God in my garden, as I walk past every colorful hue. I will thank him, joyfully, each day, and I will bless Him for the gentle sun of spring. My heart is light, this day, though my eyes are growing dim. I can see God’s handiwork. I can see the work of my hands. I can see this spring’s celebration of life. And my heart resonates with the sights and sounds of spring.

I can’t wait to design new gardens. We have been blessed with an acre of land. Ten years ago, our first spring began with consternation. What in heck were we going to do with an acre of ugly grass covering rocks and clay? Much effort has gone into each garden. Many of these gardens have been created by my husband and children, just for me to enjoy through our windows. Years spent indoors makes me delight in every breath that I can safely take outside. If my hips and my legs would allow, I could dance away the day, with yapping dogs leaping about my feet.

So, give your heart a vacation today. Laugh. Read. Celebrate the day with things that you love best. Then, thank God for each and every gift. God bless and keep you, this day, and may He give you many reasons to celebrate the life He has given to you.

With love,
Jaye Lewis

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